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Silvia has been an avid sportsperson and fitness enthusiast since she was a little child. Her passion for sports and fitness drove her to be involved in multiple sports and she ended up practicing artistic rollerskating at a competitive level. She soon developed an eagerness to assist athletes and the general public in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and physical wellbeing.


After graduating from Ecole Hotelier in Lausanne, she gained valuable experience working in renowned 5-star hotels and spas across England, Middle-East and Asia, covering city and winter and beach resorts. She played an integral part in the inauguration of 3 hotel spas and one of them was crowned the Best Newly Opened Spa in China in 2014. During her time in China she was exposed to Chinese medicine and the fascination for the same pushed her to get her diploma in KORE Therapy from England in 2014.


She has since completed her Master's in Sport Administration from AISTS, EPFL Lausanne and currently works with the Feminin Football Club in Bernex as Performance Enhancer.

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